Mills High School English teacher David Lista, 35, of Belmont has admitted to filming underage girls using the bathroom at the high school where he taught. it seems he was arrested yesterday afternoon after a Mills technology coordinator came across Lista's cinematic restroom work while checking the school computer server. Police then searched Lista's home, which turned up a "small amount" of methamphetamine as well. Ouch. But this wasn't the first time Lista's alleged actions have stirred controversy at the high school. According to the San Jose Mercury News:

Several students also said Lista was caught up in an episode last year involving links on his YouTube video-sharing account.

"I saw it myself," said Alfred Tam, a senior who was in Lista's leadership class. "He had links to his favorites' that were all these videos of underage girls dancing in bikinis." ... Mills principal Paul Belzer declined to address either the petition or the YouTube allegation Tuesday, saying both were personnel matters

Lista posted $100,000 bail this morning and has since been put ion administrative leave. His exact charges have yet to be announced while the police investigation is still underway.