The Library Tower (AKA the U.S. Bank Tower) in Los Angeles could soon be the second tallest building west of the Mississippi thanks to San Francisco's proposed Transbay Terminal. While the Library Tower, located in downtown Los Angeles, stands at an alluring 1,018-feet tall, the Transbay Terminal is primed to win the measuring contest at 1,200-feet.

You know, we're just saying. Not to brag or anything. Anyway, our tallest skyscrapers so far are as follows: 1, Transamerica Pyramid; 2, 555 California Street; 3, 345 California Center; 4, Millennium Tower (under construction); 5, One Rincon Hill South Tower; 6, 50 Fremont Center & 101 California Street (tie); 8, Chevron Tower; 9, Four Embarcadero Center; and 10, One Embarcadero Center. For a complete list, check out SF's tallest skyscraper page here.

An aside: regarding San Francisco's superiority girth, LA Met Blogs cleverly retaliates by say that people in San Francisco "commonly wear socks and sandals." The nerve! We're not Berkeley. And while SFist simply adores Southern California -- because without LA and San Diego we might as we be Portland part II, and no one in their right mind wants that. No one -- people in the Bay Area tend to dress better because we have more options. LA is just a one-layer kind of town.