Much to our surprise, the motion that almost allowed our fair Mayor Gavin Newsom to eschew his monthly cameos Board of Supervisor meeting was tabled. That is to say, it was killed. Dead. According to Sweet Melissa recounts today's nail-biting Board of Supes meeting thusly:

Supervisor Daly spoke twice against the motion, at one point reading off a list of donors to the Let's Really Work Together coalition which opposed Prop E. Supervisor Mirkarimi also spoke against the measure, as did Supervisor Dufty who suggested the tabling of the motion (rather than voting it down) because tabling would be the "nicest thing." (Yes, he did.) The motion's sponsor, Supervisor Alioto-Pier, bewildered at the length and intensity of debate on the issue, agreed to table the motion. So, at the Board meeting every third Tuesday of the month there will continue to be an agenda item calling for the Mayor to appear. "Bueller? Bueller?..."

We feel your pain, Gavin. Still, once a month isn't all that bad, is it? Of course not.

And on a more positive, Broadway-ish note? It seems the singing guy made a return to the meetings, crooning a parody of the theme song to Supervisor Aaron Peskin. For the love of God, someone tell us they have footage of it. Please.