We were first told of QT's presence while in line for the bathroom (yeah, there's no way we're using those porta-potties). There were musings among those waiting to pee as to whether a drunken reenactment of scenes from Pulp Fiction was in order or if someone should walk up and tell Tarantino that Kill Bill 2 "really sucked." We're not sure if either transpired, as most at our table were trying to play it cool and not act like the big group of fanboys and fangirls that we were. We did note that while he was inside, he seemed quite popular with the ladies.

Tarantino seemed nice enough, although very very sweaty for a cold SF night. SF Weekly has their own take on the celeb spotting here with pics. Alas, we decided to leave our camera at home since we know how pictures taken while drinking can be unflattering/incriminating. Ahem.

Photo from SF Weekly's All Shook Down.