Well, it's been fun. The trailers, the megawatt celebrity sightings, the lights, the cameras, the not being invited to cast/crew parties -- SFist will miss it all. As most of you know, Gus Van Sant's biopic -- the story of assassinated San Francisco Supervisor and gay rights advocate, Harvey Milk -- started shooting in January. This past Sunday, the production came to an end. Alas.

For those of you who weren't able to make it to Milk's final shooting, Bluegrass Rave Backroom was at Sunday's Gay Freedom Day 1978 reenactment to catch Milk's final moments at City Hall. Above we have Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, showing off his well-sculpted arms, a cute shirt, and hit acclaimed method-acting prowess. To see some locals getting into the '70s groove, as well as some choice Muni and KRON 4 '70s signage, follow the jump.