*FILM: The 5th Annual San Francisco Irish Film Festival kicks things off with by director Lenny Abrahamson and writer Mark O’Halloran. This is followed by a reception with the Consul General of Ireland, Emer Deane. According to LS, "other highlights include Speed Dating, a romantic comedy about a lovelorn amnesiac; the award winning Irish-language feature film Kings, and finally The Undertaking, a documentary about Irish American undertaker and poet Thomas Lynch, who is famed as the inspiration for hit HBO series Six Feet Under. Thomas Lynch and film director Cathal Black will be at the screening for a Q &A. Plus, the ever popular, Magners n’ Shorts Program (Magners Irish Cider is served for free during the film program) and Irish TV Night will also return to this year’s festival."

LECTURE: Yeah, yeah, you can go listen to Greil Marcus prattle on endlessly about the Magnetic Fields and the outback, or whatever, later this month at teh JCCSF. Or better yet, you can hear Family Ties creator Gary Goldberg talk about what it was like working with Michale J. Fox (his second choice to play Alex P. Keaton), Stephen Spielberg (who Goldberg tried to talk out of doing E.T.), on the set of Spin City, and more. He speaks tonight at the Jewish Community center of San Francisco. (Also, according to IMDB, he doesn't own a computer. The hell?)

DANCE: While the members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater probably can't bust out "Turkey Lurkey Time" to save their lives, they're still not half bad. Check out the famed dance troupe across the bridge over UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall.

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