Let's check in on local girl Marvita, and her quest to become "America's Next Top Model." After arriving in New York, the girls moved into their loft, which, while nice, wasn't exactly posh, what with the bunk beds in one room, and one giant bed in another. Regardless, it was a step up for Marvita, who talked about being homeless, without parents, at the age of 18. Also in the loft: No smoking! And an inspirational quote from Cycle 1 model Robin!?

Their first challenge was a runway show in the middle of Times Square, and Marvita was the first girl down the catwalk. Alas, she kept her head down for most of it, and Miss J. was not pleased. Fatima also accidentally slapped Marvita in the face, and Marvita was not pleased, to say the least. Later Fatima told Marvita she has a squished-up face. We have sympathy for Fatima and all, but man. She really has some bad manners. Marvita finally told her she just needs to drop her guard and try to be nice. We'll see if the advice sticks.