Happy birthday, Leap Day babies! Since it's leap day, there's the obligatory quadriennial articles about how people born today are 75% younger than the rest of us, and the Chron is no exception. The bissextile among us include Dinah Shore, Ja Rule (holla!), Antonio Sabato Jr., and... San Francisco fire chief Joanne Hayes-White!

In the article, Peter Hartlaub calls Ms. Hayes-White to wish her a happy birthday and ask her what being a Leap Day baby is like.

"I remember growing up as a little girl, my mom would draw a '29' on the calendar in February," said Hayes-White, sounding relieved to talk about something other than that dude who (allegedly) smeared tomatoes and torched a mattress in the historic fire chief's residence the day before we talked. "I didn't understand. 'It's my big day. Why does it get skipped?' "