While not all of us are fortunate enough to zip around in swank Aston Martins, or have sleek Tesla waiting for us on the horizon, the "bus of the future" is the next best thing. Well, almost.

Yesterday, if you recall, we reported on the Connected Bus' dramatic at the Federal Building. On the green machine, according to Mayor Gavin Newsom, you can "[y]ou can download music, you can play video games. It's a bus where you are connected. It's constantly generating information about your connection to the rest of the Muni system." And Chief Technologist of the Internet Business Solutions Group over at Cisco guides you on a tour of the bus that will solve all of your strife, always get you to your destination on time, give your hair volume/shine, and cure both cancer and HIV with a simple flick of a touch screen. Brilliant!

Expect to see the eco-friendly buses rolling on the streets of San Francisco whenever they damn well feel like it. Read more about them here.