Did you ever wonder just where or how cable cars were made? More to the point, did you know that cable cars didn't just fall from the sky? Well, we didn't. WhatImSeeing, allowed inside the Woods Division's Cable Car carpentry shop in the Dogpatch nieghborhood, landed some spectacular shots of San Francisco cable cars in the process of being made.

According to WIS, John Stenson supervises five carpenters who make up the Cable Car building operation, with each car taking 18 months or so to build and costing around $400,000 each. "There were never any blueprints to speak of," Stenson tells WIS, "We ended up having to take one apart to make the patterns and then had to figure out how to put it all back together. It's like a jigsaw puzzle."

Wonder how many of them he makes a year?

Check out more shots of cable cars being created here.