FILM: SF Indiefest wraps up tonight with Ben X, 7:15 p.m., and Paranormal Activity, 9:30 p.m., at the Roxie Cinema. For more info, go here.

*MUSIC: We love the the Donnas. Seriously. Not only are they ever so much fun, but they're from the Bay Area and brimming with hot young(ish) girls playing guitar. The kind of girls with whom you want to go shopping and talk about boys, but also who you want on your side when you're kicking others chicks' asses -- that kind of awesome. They open for the Hives at the Fillmore tonight.

LIT: Charles Bock's latest effort, Beautiful Children, according to Mr. Michael Leaverton, features "strippers, hustlers, runaways, drugged-up kids, and whatever-all else." Bock reads from what sounds like a most intriguing book tonight at Booksmith in the Haight. (Even hot literary dweeb Jonathan Safran Foer loves Bock's latest, so it can't be all that bad.)

CLUB: Juanita More! makes everything better. Why? Well, we can't pinpoint why, exactly, but anyone who can turn the Bar On Castro into destination bar merits some sort of award or praise. Or at the very least, your sloppily drunken attendance. Head to Booty Call Wednesdays tonight and expect to rub shoulders with "clones, fags, drag queens, leather daddies, and fem boys."

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