The little-known proposal to wipe out the light brown apple moth, which if it became established could destroy the region's agricultural industry, has developed increasing opposition among some residents who fear for their health.

Hundreds of people whose homes and yards were sprayed in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties from September to December have filed reports that said the pesticide seems to have caused coughing, wheezing, muscle aches and headaches, among other symptoms. One Monterey family reported that a child had a first-time asthma attack.

While reading the article, we imagined that the spray will hit the air around early morning hours to minimize exposure, but the spray time mentioned was 8 p.m in Monterey. Looks like no one will be dining al fresco when the weather gets nicer.

Update: Looks like Sentaor Migden is getting in on the fight and trying to keep pesticides from being sprayed on the masses.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.