Without providing an answer for firing San Francisco Public Utilities Commission chief Susan Leal, the SFPUC officially sacked her this morning after a nine-minute closed door City Hall meeting. As part of her severance package, she will receive a delightful $400,000. The former city treasurer was asked to pack up and get the hell out last December as part of Newsom's second-term staff cuts.

Although word is she had to go either for not smooching the Mayor's ass enough (she ran against him for mayor), or because she was pushing for public power, even Leal herself has yet to hear a reason for her dismissal. According to the Gate:

In recent weeks, Leal's allies on the Board of Supervisors have rallied in support of her, lobbying the mayor to save her job and attempting to block Newsom's appointments to the PUC board. Leal was not present for this morning's vote, but following the meeting she said she still has not been given a reason for being fired. She plans to continue working for another 30 days..."I've gotten to the point where I could make myself crazy trying to figure out why," Leal said. "I just look at the work I've done at the agency and know that we've done some remarkable things."

That? Is cold.

Anyway, after being "thrown under the bus by Newsom," the mayor will most likely have City Controller Ed Harrington fill her spot.

Chin up, Leal. We here at SFist wish you all the best.