After Carole Migden won the endorsement of the Harvey Milk Club, things were looking grim for Assemblyman Mark Leno. But today Gavin Newsom shined his megawatt charm over in Leno's direction today, endorsing his bid for a state Senate seat. According to the B.A.R., " Newsom [is] expected to publicly endorse Leno Wednesday night at the Herbst Theatre during a special screening of Pursuit of Equality..."

Leno is trying to dethrone state Senator Carole Migden from her Third District seat. The two bent lawmakers will go head to head during the June 3 primary. (Another election? Oh man.) San Francisco Police Commissioner Joseph Alioto Veronese and former state Assemblyman Joe Nation (who, it seems, just entered the race last Saturday) will also make an attempt to steal the seat, but neither candidate is expected to win.

Image credit: B.A.R. / Rick Gerharter