Warriors 120 Suns 118- No, Shaq Diesel didn't play, thus depriving ESPN hours of blathering, but he was spied by our overlord Brock at a hotel and was described as "very tall." Monta Ellis, who is not nearly as tall as Shaq, did play and he continued on with his hot-hot ways by scoring 37 points. The Beard also pitched in with six straight points within the last three minutes of the game. This game went down to the last three seconds as the Suns, then the Warriors, each missed free throws to keep both teams from finishing the game. This win gave the Warriors a little bit of Joementum as they are now in a three-way tie for seventh place in the West.

-The YouTube posted above is of everyone's favorite strip club aficionado and the Warriors' main run and gunner, Stephen Jackson, rapping. Not very well, we might add. Somewhere in the background is also a fairly drunk Baron Davis. Say what you will about the Warriors, but they do appear to be a fun bunch.

-And now we give you one of the sweetest sentences in the English Language- "339 Days Until George Bush Leaves the White House." No wait, we meant this: "Pitchers and Catchers Report" and the Giants' pitchers and catchers (and a few others) have reported. The hitters will show up sometime later in the decade when the Giants actually acquire a few. Ha! We made a funny. Turns out the Giants already have a slogan-- soon to be beaten into your head by the end of the season-- "Warrior Spirit," complete with handy-dandy, butt ugly, camouflage styled t-shirts, soon to be protested in Berkeley. So hooray and huzzah everyone-- the Giants might not have a third baseman or first baseman, but they have a slogan! World Series, here we come.