Luring us in with "just the kind of quirky San Francisco event that SFist readers would be interested in," a PR company sent us word today of a zany pre-Valentine's Day activity that's happening right this very second! It seems that a woman -- a woman who looks like she has no trouble finding a date whatsoever, God bless her -- is looking for love. Check it:

[Today] at the bright and early hour of 8am. Karen will initiate her quest by describing her Mr. Right to a Fisherman’s Wharf caricature artist, who will sketch an amorous wanted poster to share with her web and mobile followers. Internet Yentas will then be invited to suggest their best San Francisco love matches for Karen. The story will be broadcast via mobile phones to a worldwide audience using mobile social network, Zannel, as she sets out to find her mystery man. This way office workers can follow the story throughout the day. Viewers can follow her via mobile and Web on Zannel as well as via zannel widgets and applications on Facebook, Myspace, and the Blog...I'd be happy to provide you with more information, quotes, interviews or photos if you are interested.

Basically, Karen is a part of something larger. Much larger. The selling of pants. Wheels within wheels, my friends.

Anyway, according to Karen's profile, she's very much into "writing, cooking, travel, reading, dining out, running, Cordarounds, so-bad-it's-good reality TV, not camping, Star Trek conventions. Well, everything except the last one. HA." We're guessing she likes to call Quest, too, for all the hottest local singles.