We ran across this website through Digg and are intrigued by the manifesto (of sorts) for what International Quirkyalone Day means to them:

International Quirkyalone Day is a do-it-yourself celebration of romance, friendship, and independent spirit. It's a celebration of all kinds of love: romantic, platonic, familial, and yes, self-love. International Quirkyalone Day is not anti-Valentine's Day. It's NOT a pity party for single people.

While we weren't sure if we were a quirkyalone or not, the site has a handy quiz for easy identification. (Apparently, we're "somewhat quirkyalone" otherwise known as "quirkytogether." Okay.) If you're a quirkyalone, quirkytogether, or quirky-curious there will be a gathering on Valentine's--er, International Quirkyalone Day 2008--at Red Hill Books at 7 PM. See you quirkies there.

Aside: After seeing the word "quirky" so many times in one article, is it starting to look misspelled? We're just wondering.

Photo courtesy of (you guessed it): quirkyalone.net