Making her move at juuust the right time, Jackie Speier is a shoo-in to fill Tom Lantos' seat by April 8 if she gathers a majority of votes in a special, pre-primary election. But first, according to the Merc:

...Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger must issue a declaration today that would allow the 12th Congressional District race to appear on the June 3 ballot. If he waits until after today, San Mateo County would have to hold a separate, special election that could cost $500,000 or more... The governor's office said Schwarzenegger is aware of that limitation and state officials were working to complete the necessary paperwork.

Rep. Lantos, if you recall, died Monday morning, and endorsed State Sen. Jackie Speier as his successor. He represented most of the Sunset District in SF, and San Mateo County. Just like Lantos was, Speier is a fan of la Clinton.