And now for something completely!

Calgary Flames 4 Sharks 3- You know, we haven't been paying that much attention to the Sharkies this season. It's not like we don't care (we do), it's just that we know they'll make the playoffs, we just don't know what they’ll do once they get there. The team always plays well in the regular season, gets deemed one of the faves for the Cup, then chokes in the second round. Besides, moreso than any other sport, the best team often doesn’t make it to the finals-- some team gets hot or a goalie gets super hot and the next thing you know, someone's drinking Molson from the cup in some strip club in Edmonton. So, in other words, wake us when the playoffs come.

That being said, the Sharks gave up the tying goal with about .40 seconds left to eventually lose in overtime.

-Oh yeah, we're totally looking forward to today's Roger Clemens congressional hearings. How could you not look forward to it? There's the conflicting testimony provided by his best friend and partner in ass-injecting, a bag full of used hypodermic needles saved by the trainer, and accusations that Clemen’s wife also doped up for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot. How could it not be more awesome?

It will be a circus which, actually, is the point of all this. As the kids would say about the Mitchell Report, "There Will Be Blood" and blood there will be. First everyone went after Bonds but once he was brought down, nobody felt satisfied afterwards. So now Clemens is being thrown out to the wolves. And, yes, once this is all over and Clemens gets nailed for lying to congress (which, of course, would be bad because nobody has ever lied to congress) we'll move onto the next victim because that won’t satisfy anyone either. 'Cause nothing will.