Warriors 120 Washington Wizards 117- Playing at home? Playing a team that's tired, losing, and banged up? Easy peazy, right? But not for your Golden State Warriors who seem to be unable to do anything easy. Which is one way of looking at it. The other way of looking at it is that they seem to be unable to do anything that isn't exciting! It's all about how you look at the glass. The Warriors were behind for pretty much the entire game and would have lost this game if it weren't for the heroics of Stephen Jackson who scored 41 points and ten of twelve points in a furious last minute rally. Chris Webber, btw, started yet again and got two points and four rebounds in only fourteen minutes of play.

-This year’s Giants- hey, will they be the new '97 Giants or will they score less than Michael Jackson at a Jewish Adults Singles mixer?

-Say you're on 24th and you either have to drop something off or pick something. What do you do? Naturally, you stop in the middle of the street and wait for your partner to run in and out. After all, everybody does it. Who cares about everyone else when you have to return a movie to the video store? Anyways, just thinking out loud here, but wouldn't it be a super-swell idea to maybe drop somebody off and drive around the back a few times so that you don't actually stop and hold up traffic?

Eh, you're right-- that's a stupid idea.