We've got another local to root for on reality TV, as Yau-Man Chan has returned to "Survivor"-land in a new season called "Fans Vs. Favorites." Now, there's little doubt that Yau-Man is a definite favorite. He played the hell out of the game, especially being an old guy, and most importantly, he wasn't a douche bag, unlike so many other "Survivor" contestants. Contestants like Jonny Fairplay, who, for some inexplicable reason, was also cast as one of the "favorites" this time around. Luckily, Yau-Man was able to pretty much put that schmuck in his place by slamming his head into the side of a boat within five minutes of getting on to the island. (Seeing Jonny Fairplay getting his head smashed in is something that never gets old.) Yau-Man also managed to make fire with his eyeglasses, and as you know, fire represents life on "Survivor." In all, it was a great first episode. Yau-Man kicked butt, and Fairplay was sent home. What could be more perfect?