Next Thursday is Valentine's Day. And the pressure is on, couples of the Bay Area, especially for those of you approaching the seven-year-itch mark. Really, this Valentine's Day could be a make-or-break kind of day. That fragile house of cards that you call a relationship can come crashing down around you like...that. In just one day. Something to think about, folks.

Anyway, during next week's nationwide celebration of Saint Valentine, the last car on Bart needn't be the only place where love is celebrated openly on public transit., a San Mateo-based online dating social network, will be handing out thousands of red roses to Bart commuters between 7 9 a.m. at the Montgomery Bart Station only. This will be quite the visual event, we're told, complete with acoustic love songs and a cupid handing out the flowers. So...there you have it.