Well, this should be exciting, hateful. This Sunday at 11 a.m. at 701 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, there will be a protest over that religious sect those zany Hollywood types know and love so well. You know, the one where you can't take Prozac, or call you Jewish children, or....whatever. (For a map of the SF branch, go here.) It sounds like it will be a Sunday afternoon well-spent. Instruction are as follows:

- Wear EFG Mask if possible: Purchase them on Amazon -- And yes, they're legal in SF as long as you remove them at the request of the officer

- Bring a lightweight sign that is comfortable to hold... If you can, cover it in a clear plastic bag, or make it out of a waterproof material- there might be rain

- Accessories TO bring: Backpack, water, snacks, cellphone, video/still camera, change for public transit

- Accessories NOT to bring: Any form of ID, excessive cash, a car (public transit is cheaper and maintains anonymity)