What is the best thing about Indie Fest?
Having filmgoers get to meet filmmakers and talk movies.

What are some standout movies this year?
One of my personal favorites is POP SKULL, this weird experimental horror/drug movie. DRIVING TO ZIGZIGLAND is also really good, funny, touching, interesting take on what’s going on in the middle east by telling the story of a Palestinian guy in Hollywood trying to get into movies.

What are your favorite movie festivals?
Chicago Underground, SXSW, Slamdance, Fantasia

What makes a festival good?
Good films, curious, open minded audiences, good parties-the place filmmakers get to meet film goers!

Any tips for festival attenders?
Come early, parking/muni delays happy all the time, as we know, and are schedule is pretty tight. Stick around after the film for the QAs. They can be really interesting. Buy lots of popcorn, the Roxie could use the money!

Any new festivals in the works?
Welllll, I'd be lying if I said no. But nothing firm enough to say out loud.

How many movies will you see at it this year?
35 features, about 60 shorts