This is the kind of thing that would bring on the animal rights activists as well as PETA but even more so in light of the Michael Vick thing; in fact, the guys at KNBR were screaming for heads to roll last night. And for a team that has certainly taken a few PR blows lately, this is yet another one to deal with. It is, in fact, a statue of Marichal in the midst of his gravity-defying delivery that stands right outside the Phonebooth.

We have to admit it, but it's hard for us to get that sense of outrage over this. For one, this is a much bigger headache for the Mets with whom Pedro plays for than it is for the Giants. Also, cockfighting, as awful as it is, is actually legal in the Dominican Republic and part of their culture. So much so that it took place at an officially sanctioned stadium, the KFC Santo Domingo Cockfighting Coliseum (and, yes, we made up the KFC part). So, in order to be good little multi-culturalists, we have to back off. Or maybe it's because after the Hostage Brituation we're a little burnt-out on outrage lately.

Besides, it gives us an excuse to say cockfighting.