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Usually during acoustic sets, songs start sounding very similar and at times they become a continuous never-ending song. The result: complete audience boredom. It usually just becomes a reason to run to the bathroom or grab another drink. Lucky for us, Nada Surf's set was anything but boring.

Matthew Caw's vocals cut through the resonance of the guitar and drums with ease to provide the audience with a very clear and concise sound - something very reminiscent to Chris Meloy's vocals of The Decemberists. Caw's natural abilities claim no pretense and frankly he is very easy to listen to (even for two hours). Their entire set were songs from their newest album, Lucky. They ended with a five-song encore, that included their most popular songs like "Always Love" and ending with the anthem "Blankest Year." The entire crowd screaming "Fuck It - I'm gonna have a party!" was exactly what we needed. We couldn't believe screaming that phrase with 300 other audience members could ever be that satisfying, but believe us - it was better therapy than any therapist could ever give. We left ready to rule the world.

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