Hey, it's another Polk post, folks!

We're thankful to Flickr user Lulu Vision for giving us a heads-up in the SFist Contribute section regarding tonight's Lower Polk Neighbors meeting with SF Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White about Fire Station 3 and how they're trying to make us all go deaf with their sirens. Hilariously enough, this fire station is located right next to Diva's and Grass Roots. Why would they ever want to leave?

From the flyer:

The current building boom that is taking place in SF Central City area at this very moment will add several thousands of new dwellings to the service area of Fire Station 3 -- already the busiest in the nation*. Due to the development and the practice of dispatching a fire truck and an ambulance on every medical call (near 100,000 annually), a significant increase in the already hourly around-the-clock noise from 140-decibel air horns and sirens is to be expected unless effective measures are put in place by the SF Fire Department to reduce the noise.

* source: San Francisco Fire Department -- statistics

We live just a few blocks from this fire station, and we can attest to the ear-piercing decibel of those sirens. We nearly had a heart attack when we first moved to the neighborhood and were awakened at 4 a.m. (Now we just have a white noise machine in the room, much in part to filter out the drunk Academy of Art students.)

If anyone out there is going to the meeting, please let us know how it went in the comments!

Lower Polk Neighbors General Meeting
Tonight at 6:30pm
First Congregational Church
1323 Polk Street @ Bush, SF

(Lower Polk Neighbors meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month at the First Congregational Church)

Image credit: Lulu Vision, via a Creative Commons license