Over on KQED's food blog, Stephanie Lucianovic writes about her spoiled fine-dining engagements due to San Francisco's crippling taxicab companies, which fail to pickup/deliver in a timely fashion. This tardiness, you see, can cancel a reservation. Also, according to her:

For us, the worst cab offenders have been Luxor and Yellow Cab. They're both equally horrible, and by the time we finally weaned ourselves off of both companies, we had lost count how many times we had called for cabs that never showed up. We lost count of how many times we paced around the sidewalk outside our building, straining through the dark to find the muted light on top of a car roof. We lost count of how many times we called the cab company back to ask where the HELL our promised cab was only to be met with a busy signal over and over and over and OVER again!

Yes, we go back and forth about which cab company sucks it harder: Luxor or Yellow Cab. Don't get us wrong, the drivers playing for either team are sheer delight; often very high, making for a delightful cab ride filled with heavy banter on a myriad of subjects. But the distribution center themselves are what Lucianovic, or anyone who has had the pleasure of waiting endlessly for a reserved cab, a problem with here.

And a few commenters claim that Citywide is the best. True?

That said, will you, dear readers, tell us which cab company is the best for calling? We're debating spending a good chunk of money to start taking more cabs from now on, so we could use some advice. And whichever company gets the most response today, they will be mentioned in "Day Around the Bay" -- oohhhhhh! Such an honor, really.

(Note: your taxicab company pick should lean more toward efficiency, not environmental sustainability.)