As if the DMV weren't annoying in and of itself, now you can add sexual molestation to the list of ways that the Department of Motor Vehicles makes your life miserable. (...and what's up with airline food, huh, folks?) Four women claiming that they were touched inappropriately by former DMV instructor Calvin Hoang Cat will split $450,000 in a lawsuit settlement with the state of California. According to CBS 5:

They say Cat would ask the women—then minors—to park the car next to a curb without touching it. If they failed, he allegedly asked them to lean over his lap to better see the rearview mirror, then touched them on their hips and breasts.

Wonder if he failed any of them? Because that would be cruel.

Cat also fessed up to touching 14 other girls while on the job, and received a year and a half in the clink. Now who's getting fondled, Mr. Grabby Hands?