It's almost time for Super Duper Awesome Zowie Crazy Blowout Insane-O Nuts Extrav-o-Rama Tuesday primary day for California! Feb. 5! So are you going Barack or Hillary? Walnuts or Mittens? Go ahead and vote for Dennis Kucinich anyways, or go back to Nader? And what about Ron Paul?

In all the presidential primary madness, though, don't forget the other sections of the ballot, where the state and local propositions are going to get decided. What?? More propositions?? Well, never fear -- SFist comes to the rescue, with our semi-regular, oversimplified summary of the propositions, after the jump!

Click on through for Indian gaming, term limit extensions, and tearing down the Alcatraz prison. For more information on the props in general, check out the California Secretary of State, the SF Dept. of Elections, or the League of Women Voters websites too. And as always, feel free to impugn our objectivity, add your own arguments, or generally be hilarious in the comments too!

We found this video of the "Democratic Super Duper Friends" when searching "Super Duper" on YouTube for Super Duper Tuesday. That John Edwards Flash costume is hilarious.