Speaking of Oprah, the fellow Aquarian just received American sculptor Daniel Edwards' chin-scratching touch. (You know, the celeb-loving guy who created that Britney-gives-birth sculpture?) Anyway, Edwards says his "piece pays homage to the closest thing America has to a living deity," hence its resemblance to the coffin of Egypt's Tutankhamun (King Tut!)

Or maybe not. According to a thisislondon commenter:

She's in the guise of fertility goddesses. It's about celebrating her feminity [sic] and also Africanness by associating her with this kind of image. If you are going to poke fun at anything, make a big deal about the puritanical attitudes that insist that she's wearing what can only be described as a bikini top, which kind of negates the earth mother thing and looks completely stupid.

Huh? There's nothing puritanical about a bikini top. Those wacky Brits. Anyway, were enjoying this ever much. So shiny.