Claiming that his California Street Victorian was "part of his own personality" and that its "roots went all the way to Hell," it's fitting that Church of Satan founder Dr. Anton LaVey's black house turned into one ugly-ass condo. Don't get us wrong. We're not on some transplant-ish rant about the evils of condominiums or condo conversion; we'd gladly give up our drafty, earthquake damaged Victorian for some central heating, wall to wall carpeting, and choice views of all you peons below. But this? Is butt.

Boing Boing's David Pescovitz brings up a good point. Or rather, a good request: "I hope that a rich Satanist buys the condos and paints them black as a memorial." Word. Although speaking as a non-practicing Satanist, we would also consider painting it black -- a nice glossy, that is, with a fun trim -- in LaVey's honor and historical impact on San Francisco. Why the architect and/or owner didn't do so in the first place, which could've resulted in some decent press and a possible increase in the asking price, makes no sense. We hope the owners will reconsider this glaring oversight of local culture, whimsy, and good taste.

Image credit: Greg Long (via Boing Boing)