Due to a gasoline tanker truck accident -- which resulted in an eco-unfriendly dousing of over "26 gallons" (?) of gasoline, or so said CBS 5's Judge Judy breaking-news interruption -- all northbound and southbound lanes on Highway 101 in Redwood City are closed. That? Blows.

It seems that a 26,000 gallon gasoline tanker big rig overturned just north of Maple Street near Woodside. According to ABC 7, a "Coast Guard crew is heading to the scene to make sure no oil is leaking into drains in the center divide, which flow into San Francisco Bay."

Check your traffic here, here, and here before heading home, folks, and plan on spending time taking alternate routes.

UPDATE #1: The CHP claims it would be well after 5 p.m. before any closed lanes re-open.

UPDATE #2: "The CHP estimated that southbound lanes would reopen about 9:15 p.m., while northbound lanes likely wouldn't be cleared and until 11:30 p.m.," says CBS 5.

UPDATE #3: 15 hours after the crash, three northbound lanes are open. Southbound lanes are all open. Go nuts, people.