Proposition C is a call to "convert" Alcatraz into a "Global Peace Center." The idea being that Alcatraz gives off negative vibes and so should be replaced by an "International Conference Center For Non-Violent Conflict Resolution" which will send forth such positive vibes that there will be no more war, violence will cease to exist, and the writers strike will end so we can get a full season of "Lost" in. To help usher in all this peace, the center will also include a "Harmonium", a "multi- media facility of Laser Light, holographic sound, and fragrance" that will shoot out holographs into the Bay and have it look much like how it's depicted here in these posters (warning-- contains New Age-y-ness). All of this is depicted in this nine minute YouTube clip that also features massive New Age-y-ness

The idea is the brainstorm of the Light Party's founder, Da Vid (yes, that's his real name). Opposing it are merchants at Fisherman's Wharf who think they'll lose money due to the in tourism, CADAR (Citizens Against Dumbass Resolutions), as well as pretty much everyone who doesn't listen to whale songs on a regular basis. If passed, the measure would pretty much have to get approval from Congress as Alcatraz is National Historic Landmark.

Good luck with that.

And for those interested, somehow, this resolution got just enough votes (20,000) to be put on the ballot, thus proving people will sign anything if shoved in front of their face by some hippie dude in front of Safeway.