Somehow, we thought San Francisco would be the first one to sport these dispensers, but LA has beat us to the punch: two marijuana vending machines will be available for use starting Monday at different locations.

Yes, Mary Jane is now available via vending machine, but just how many hoops will you have to jump through to get at her? First, you must have a medical marijuana prescription. Next, you will need to be fingerprinted before purchasing a pre-paid credit card with your dosage imprinted upon it. Once you have the credit card in hand, you can enter the "standalone room" that is "protected by round-the-clock security guards." Then you can run home in glee at having paid for weed. from. a. vending. machine.

This is a well-timed advertisement for the vending machines, we suppose, given that the California Supreme Court has ruled that medical marijuana users can now be fired from their jobs if tested positive for the drug. In case you don't want to be seen entering your dispensary of choice by your boss, perhaps you can go for a late-night run for your pot strain of choice (OG Cush or Grandaddy Purple, according to Thrillist). If you move to LA, that is.