In the battle to see who's going down and who gets what and how much in court, new "evidence" suggests that possibly, maybe, perhaps Tatiana the tiger was provoked. It seems that said proof is in the form of a footprint and blood found inside the tiger enclosure at the SF Zoo. According to the kids down at KCBS:

...a significant amount of blood was found on an exhibit sign inside the tiger enclosure, a foot and a half from the public railing. The blood on the sign indicates someone may have climbed the railing and was attacked while standing in the planted area between the moat and the railing.

The source also said a footprint found on top of the three-foot high railing was located on a portion of the railing across from the sign.

Pro-Tatiana activist and SF Zoo spokesperson Sam Singer also confirmed that blood was found on foliage inside the tiger enclosure. But? How it got thee or whose veins the blood ran through prior to spattering remains unanswered. Khulbir and Paul Dhaliwal's team of attorney deny that the boys were inside the enclosure during the now infamous Christmas Day big-cat attack that killed their friend, Carlos Sousa Jr.

Footprints? Blood? Rapscallions? We really need Jessica Fletcher on this case.