Save for the tagging still remaining on Obscura Digital's door--leave them be, racialists!--the Neo-Nazi public art has all but disappeared. Sigh, we hardly knew ye.

The culprit of this week's spray paint melee was possibly uncovered and hotly debated by our fantastic sleuth readers. While we won't point any fingers as to who decorated Stillman Street with eye-popping Neo-Nazi flair, and the Vacaville-based MySpace page supposedly harboring the young hate monger's identity has since been set "private," we invite you to read all about it here. It full of speculative fun and finger pointing!

Our sources tell us that authorities (scary, intimidating, bugging-your-phone-and-reading-your-emails type of authorities) are on the case now, and we couldn't be happier. We don't like others moving in on our hate-spreading turf. Anyway, thanks, SFPD and SFist readers. You all, in a word, rock.