The food section round up is back. We gobble the various food sections up each Wednesday. But first: ready to "dine and go to heaven" in San Francisco? We are! Dine About Town is here, and prix fixe dining heaven costs $21.95 for lunch and $31.95 for dinner. Participating restaurants include: A16, B44, Cafe de la Presse, La Provence and others. This heaven won't qualify as a cheap eat, but it's presumably cheaper than what you may normally pay at these spots. Check availability; not all restaurants offer lunch and dinner special pricing.

Here are our favorite food section nibbles from today's offerings.
SF Chronicle: "Schnitzel and its cousins" fill Georgeann Brennan's plate. COOL it now: Chinese frozen spinach is scary & controversial. Hot sexy coffee gourmet blends should entice bean lovers.