Well, this was unnerving.

We came across these, um, public art pieces while walking down Stillman Street. Shot earlier this evening, the paint was fresh yet gooey. If we had to guess, one to two days old, maybe? What these images lack in whimsical mischief--like last November's bout of graffiti that marred a Los Gatos church, which somehow made Bay Area headlines--they make up for in fear and fright.

Anyway, we're curious: what exactly does "Ø.F.C." mean? According to neighbors in the area, this acronym, along with the classic swastika, have made appearances on the stairwell walls of residential apartment buildings on Stillman Street over the last six months, but they're also stumped as to the meaning of "Ø.F.C."

But wait, there's more: for even more Neo-Naziesque hate signage in SOMA, including a misguided tribute to Vacaville, follow the jump.