Can you feel it? The Macworld Expo 2008 approaches. Shhh, you might scare it.

When your editor worked in the consecrated halls of Macworld, we were surprised by the ilk that attended the annual Macworld Expo - a bit like the Oracle World people, but minus the vile behavior and false sense of entitlement. let's see, we remember two clinically-obese Mac fans fainting while waiting in line to hear keynote speaker Steve Jobs introduce the first iBook. (We like blueberry the best, we cried out, tears of rapture streaming down our twentysomething cheeks.) Seriously, people start speaking in tongues when this man steps on stage. We also recall finding Sinbad's cell phone, and returning it. Back then, before the Bonos (ick) and John Lennon ghosts of the world were hawking Apple products, Sinbad was there carrying the Cupertino torch. Never forget.

And we stole a lot of swag. Lots and lots of blueberry- and peach-colored swag. (Oh God, we are the Swag Whore.)

Anyway, according to Laughing Squid, Steve Job's big announcement, happening on Jan 15, will be the "possibility of a new ultra-thin MacBook." (For a list of enticing Macworld 2008 rumors, go here.) But we think Job will finally introduce the ability to fly. (And if he does announce said ability to fly, you'll probably have to be signed up with AT&T in order to take flight. Pft.) And sure, as Tom Krazit at CNET explains, "trade shows are a necessary evil in the tech industry" and that "everyone claims to hate them," but litter any trade show with an open-bar party and a few XX-chromosome carriers, and you have yourself a geek fiesta to remember. Even if this year's Expo lacks the punch of last year's iPhone introduction.

SFist will provide you with updates throughout the highly anticipated Expo starting next Monday. That is, provided we make it on the media list. (Ahem. Oh, did you not hear that? AHEM.)