Oh, the jokes about Chris Daly and/or the Marina bar scene just write themselves -- but seriously, SF Animal Control reports that there's a rabid bat in the Marina. The bat was found alive and wrapped in a towel at Beach, Cervantes, and Mallorca, right off Chestnut Street last Saturday night, and the tests have only just now come back positive for rabies.

If you think you or your pet might have been bitten, call health officials at 415-554-2830 to get tested and if necessary, get shots. If you wrapped the bat in the towel, you should definitely call ASAP!!! You don't have the whole regimen of five bazillion shots in the stomach if you've been exposed to rabies anymore, but if you don't get the vaccine within a very short window of time, the disease will probably be fatal. (We watched a totally terrifying special about rabies on TV last month, so now we're totally freaking out!)

They find about one to five rabid bats in the city of San Francisco every year. Who knew?

Picture of Ozzy Osbourne not biting the head off a bat. There's YouTube footage of the actual bat-biting, but it's actually kind of disturbing, which is why we didn't embed the picture for this post.