Violence at SF nightclubs has been all the rage this year - all nine days, that is - and now a summit is being held this month in order to curb the violent tomfoolery. A few choice incidences to refresh your memory: Marcus Pepper, 26, was killed on New Year's Day outside a Ninth Street warehouse SOMA party; Clarence Corbin 34, was shot outside Jelly's Dance Cafe in Mission Bay; Club Vessel was, well, Club Vessel; and much to no one's surprise, two women were attacked by two male Antiochians outside 715 Harrison this past Sunday.

Are you ready to party, San Francisco?

Well, the Entertainment Commission sure is. The powerful seven member commission - whose job up until now has been, as far as we can tell, to withhold entertainment permits and not streamlining Halloween 2007 - will hold a policy summit meeting on Jan. 17. (Time and location TBD.) Many issues will be discussed: violence happening too close to closing time, underage drinking, venues not responding efficiently to violence, issuing "citations" of some sort, out of towners, and more.

Ultimately, it sounds like a few clubs will have to close down, one way or another. (Or worse, more bottle-service chic transformation.) Any guesses as to who the first one down will be? We're hoping guessing 715 Harrison.

You can read more about next week's mysterious summit meeting here.