We thought that this issue was neatly swept under the rug. What gives? Is the neighborhood patrol still kicking it in the Western Addition? Well, time to come home, fuzz. It looks like someone in the Marina/Cow Hollow vicinity was recently attacked, and SFist won't rest until San Francisco is a solid police state.

According to Marcia Gagliardi over at the esteemed food site Tablehopper:

I don't have many details about this, but I heard there are some muggings happening in Cow Hollow and the Marina. A restaurant worker got knocked down and mugged at Green and Octavia last week—fortunately she's ok. The police want to encourage people to be vigilant, don't walk alone, and take cabs or get a ride when in doubt. I will let you know if I learn more details about this—sorry I don't have more at this time.

We called the presumably shabby-chic interiored offices of Michela Alioto-Pier about the crime in question but have yet to hear back from either her or her staff. (Although Michela's voice mail did wish us a "wonderful day." Jealous? Thought so.)

Update: We've just heard from them! They're on the case, they tell us. Whenever a incidence of violence such as this occurs, "we get right on it" Alioto-Pier's office tells us. You hear that, evil-doers? Take your assaults and theft to the other side of Market street where it belongs.

In the meantime, stay safe out there, kids.