Today Gavin Newsom announced that "a series of public hearings on the fatal Christmas Day tiger attack" that resulted in the killing of 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. will start as soon as this Friday. After these hearings, the Recreation and Parks Department Commission will "make a set of recommendations to improve the agreement that allows a nonprofit to run the public zoo." Or something like that. Although it's an attempt to appease the mayor who would like "'to know how this incident happened and what measures are needed to prevent this type of incident from occurring ever again,'" it sure sounds like a lot of busywork for the sake of busywork. Anyway, according to the Gate, Marisa Lagos deftly explains how the zoo is run,similar to a broken home.

The city of San Francisco is the landlord of the zoo and owns the animals, property and facilities; the Zoological Society runs the zoo, overseeing animal care, marketing and fundraising. The city's Recreation and Park Department provides the zoo with an administrative fee to help with the cost of running it and must approve improvements and animal transactions.

Too many chefs in the kitchen? Perhaps.

Also, here's an image of one of the Dhaliwals brothers. (Well, since it was published in the NY Post, it could just easily be Jada Pinkett-Smith. Or a unicorn. Who's to say?) He kinda cute, we must admit - a decent image. Not as iconic as Paris Hilton being carted off to jail, but noteworthy nevertheless.

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