Nash is only playing three other shows in the US - two in New York and one in L.A. You also won't be able to see Nash for a long time. It seems that she is solidly booked until mid-April, touring to Australia, Ireland and then back home to England. After that she's off again, this time on a European tour. She's a very busy girl, indeed. We have a feeling that this show will end up being sold-out just as her New York shows are; buy your tickets now. At $16 bucks, this show is a total bargain. We'd definitely pay more for this popscene's line-up.

Another show this week that is worth checking out is the Boxcar Saints on Tuesday night at Bottom of the Hill. "No Water," their newest album, is currently available for download only on their website and MySpace page. (Why no iTunes or Weird.) They are known for their "south-of-the-border rhythms, gypsy howling, and circus-inspired smoky cabaret growling." What a description!

Our friends over at BayBridged are presenting the Audio Out Send, The Lonelyhearts and Leigh Gregory at Hemlock Tavern on Friday night for only $7 bucks. Nice - cheap but great music. Read everything you need to know about this show, here.

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