At the beginning of this episode, the designers were still talking about how ugly Steven's dress was, and how happy they all were to still be there. We had to go through the boring choosing-of-the-models, and yes, we do always talk about how boring this part of the show is. Because it IS. They need to skip it. No one cares about the models. Sorry.

So, finally with that out of the way, Heidi told the designers they were going to have to wait until tomorrow to hear what their new challenge would be, and it would start early the next morning....Which began with Tim Gunn showing up at their rooms at the crack of dawn. A sleepy Chris March asked Tim where his pajamas-with-feet were, and Tim replied he'd removed them. The spoilsport! They eventually ended up in Times Square, and their destination was the Hershey's Store. Uh-oh! Edible garments! And never-ending product placement!