Due to the continuing WGA strike, the Golden Globes look like they might - might - get the ax. (For all of you book-reading intelligentsia who claim to have TV sets only so that your can watch your Netflix DVDs of The Sopranos and The Wire, you can read more about the strike here.)

While not necessarily Bay Area-related, this deeply affects all of us who look at awards season at something holy and critical - an all-star Ramadan with awards, if you will. While the cancellation is still in the rumor stages, it appears that in lieu of the normal four-plus hour Golden Globe Awards marathon, we could see a scaled back version of the awards, which would consist of "the Hollywood Foreign Press Association handing out Golden Globes to the winners, who will then pick up the awards and pass through a press room for photos and interviews."

That sounds like a phenomenal idea. Why did it take a strike of Hollywood writers to come up with an awards show as brilliant and concise as this? That said, we can't imagine that the Oscar's bastard child of an award show will, in fact, be canceled for something so streamlined and pleasant for the viewer. Hmm. Let's wait and see.