SFist Jim reports that he went to the reopening of the San Francisco Zoo today, where he snapped the picture, above, of the tributes being placed at the zoo's tiger statue, and which he described as "a big bust." When we first read SFist Jim's email, we thought he was talking about the tiger statue (we were like, "they made a bust of Tatiana? So fast!"), but no, he meant the crowds, which were sparse to the point where there was more media there than zoo visitors.

And -- oh, San Francisco. Where else do they leave presents for killer tigers? Remember the (admittedly in the minority) pro-Presa Canario response after Dianne Whipple was killed? Will they put up a bust of Dan White to sit next to the one of Harvey Milk? For the record, the zoo is saying that the tributes being left at the statue are for both Tatiana and Carlos Sousa Jr., though we don't think the white stuffed tiger, above, is intended for the victim.

Picture by SFist Jim.