GO8F7406a.jpg Oh we warned you. We gave you all the signs. RSAN 'n stuff. And now it's here.

OMG, a blustery day! Actual weather in San Francisco, complete with an omninous-looking Storm Warning flag flying above the Great Highway. That's an advisory for Beaufort wind force scale numbers of 10 or 11. Do you have any idea what that means!?

We don't either. We think it's something like "park your car near an aging Eucalyptus tree and you might regret it." Otherwise, you should be all right.

Carry on.

Update: Over at The Biggest Room, Outdoor News for Indoor Enthusiasts, San Francisco resident "quake" is hunkering down near Donner Lake bracing for a blizzard with winds of up to 145 mph. He's already calling this the Storm of 1-4-08 and he thinks this will be NorCal's biggest since the big blow of 12-12-95. That one took out the Conservatory of Flowers. Courage.