In keeping with today's weather/music theme, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Patti LuPone. And her hair.

Seeing as how this has been the only SFalert for the past 3.5 months or so, we thought it was worth mentioning. There was a high wind watch alert warning just issued.

A High Wind Watch is issued when sustained winds exceeding 40 mph and/or frequent gusts over 60 mph are likely to develop in the next 24 to 48 hours. For summit areas, high wind watches are issued when sustained winds are expected to exceed 45 mph and/or frequently gust over 60 mph. If you are in an area for which a High Wind Watch has been issued you should prepare secure loose objects outdoors that may blow about and avoid outdoor activity that exposes you to high winds.

You hear that? Winds exceeding 40 mph. God help us all.